Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something tells me i'm into something good!

Steven and I are finally settled in and I only have a million blog posts to do....Here are some photos of our new home! I absolutely love our house and we have been working to make improvements wherever we can. We have added flowers and what not to try and make it look a little better!
I am desperately trying to keep them alive in the heat, but it's harder than you think!
This is my current dining room set-up with flowers from Steven; I love it all!

This is our back den; it's definitely the more casual room where we hang out the most.
This is our first home-cooked meal after we got home; Steven had to work late so it was ready when he got home. I was pretty proud of it! It was delicious!

This is our first living room looking into the dining room; it's what room you are in when you walk in the front door.

Our bedroom that I love! (Excuse my sleeping husband..)

This is our kitchen that I love as well!

This is the bathroom that Steven re-did. There used to be tile 3/4 of the way up the wall; he textured, painted, had tile floors put in, re-did the baseboards and we got a new cabinet and sink/counter top for it all.
Things are going so great; we have been so blessed by so many people and I am so thrilled to be able to start opening our home up to others! It is definitely wonderful to live together and have a place where I can do my own thing!