Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Domestic

For the first time since my wedding, I actually spent time focusing on cooking and thoroughly enjoyed it! I realized the value of some of the wedding gifts I got, such as my amazing pampered chef chopper and I was successful at making my first pumpkin pie! It was surprisingly delicious and I felt like it was a pretty big accomplishment for myself--I even made a sweet potato casserole from a recipe from Steven's family.

Steven and I had no intention to wake up and shop today; but his mom called us at 5:43 and after that we couldn't go back to sleep. So, we got up and dressed, went to Target and got the $3.99 movie I wanted---The Blind Side. Then we got McDonalds breakfast, got back in bed and slept until 11:00. Worth it? Yes. We felt completely crazy but aren't spontaneous moments like that worth living for?

I realized lately that I have so much to be thankful! Though it's a very tiny list, here's to being thankful for:

*The ability to choose on God for all my needs and desires
*A loving husband
*A job to provide for our needs
*A house to live in and enjoy!
*A job that makes me smile every day
*The means to be warm when it's cold outside!
*Loving in-laws
*Christmas decorations
*Flannel sheets on my bed
*Cinnamon smells that fill my house thanks to Scentsy
*Running water
*A mom to enjoy doing things with and have a good relationship with

The list could go on and on!
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loves of my Life..

I decided to make this post all about the current "loves" of my life. I don't have exciting things to blog about, being that I only have a dog. He's not that! Here is a solution for now:)
*As seen above*....I love baby fingers that can point and illustrate the ability to grow!

I love moments of laughter in my classroom!!

I love moments of learning...

I love, love, love NYC and miss it dearly! Wonderful choice for a honeymoon....This was most definitely one of better moments thus far in life :)
I love my best friends! Miss the ones I don't see nearly enough!!

I love, LOVE my husband. He makes me laugh like no other--as see in many of our wedding photos!! Being married is the best thing and going home to him everyday is the best end to my day!

There are so many blessings in life; go count them!!