Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Domestic

For the first time since my wedding, I actually spent time focusing on cooking and thoroughly enjoyed it! I realized the value of some of the wedding gifts I got, such as my amazing pampered chef chopper and I was successful at making my first pumpkin pie! It was surprisingly delicious and I felt like it was a pretty big accomplishment for myself--I even made a sweet potato casserole from a recipe from Steven's family.

Steven and I had no intention to wake up and shop today; but his mom called us at 5:43 and after that we couldn't go back to sleep. So, we got up and dressed, went to Target and got the $3.99 movie I wanted---The Blind Side. Then we got McDonalds breakfast, got back in bed and slept until 11:00. Worth it? Yes. We felt completely crazy but aren't spontaneous moments like that worth living for?

I realized lately that I have so much to be thankful! Though it's a very tiny list, here's to being thankful for:

*The ability to choose on God for all my needs and desires
*A loving husband
*A job to provide for our needs
*A house to live in and enjoy!
*A job that makes me smile every day
*The means to be warm when it's cold outside!
*Loving in-laws
*Christmas decorations
*Flannel sheets on my bed
*Cinnamon smells that fill my house thanks to Scentsy
*Running water
*A mom to enjoy doing things with and have a good relationship with

The list could go on and on!
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

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